We both just wanted to thank you for your amazing website, my wife and I met on here almost two years ago and we were happily married last month.

I'm just so excited to be on the site!! Pink Sofa has been nothing but fun so far and the sense of community is a real surprise!!

I met a really lovely lady! Thanks PS team!!

I joined Pink Sofa in 2003 purely to network and find friends as I had recently moved interstate in Australia. I met \the woman I had been wishing for. She lived on the opposite side of the world in a non English speaking country. Luckily we both spoke English and I fell in love with both her and her country. We have been living together for 10 years And we are as much in love today as we were back then. If it wasn't for that cyber moment early one morning on pink sofa ...

Congratulations to Pink Sofa Team for keeping and managing this website beautifully.

So many kind and caring people!

How wonderful is that Pink Sofa can connect women all around the world, especially us older gay ladies. This is great!

Thanks to Pink Sofa 8 months later with a ring on her finger and we are honestly the happiest ever.

Pink sofa is great!! We can share our problems and interests with other Lesbians.

I just wanted to write to you to let you know of a success story. My partner and I met on Pink Sofa 18 months ago. We chatted for a few weeks then she drove all the way to see me. We knew right away this was it. We have now moved in together and are having a civil partnership. We're so happy!

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you! This sofa thing really works! I have met the woman of my dreams and doubt I would ever have found her without you! This was my very first time on ANY dating site and we began messaging each other less than one week in! If there's such a thing as "love at first message" then it happened here! We read each others profiles, messaged, and the rest, as they say, is history... Thank you for taking my life in a wonderful new direction I didn't ...

My partner and I met on Pink Sofa just under a year ago, we are now living together and are very happy together :)