Pink Sofa

Pink Sofa has been an amazing online space connecting lesbian and queer women around Australia and the world, for 23 years, for love, friendship, and community.

It’s been the first port of call for many coming out and seeking support.

For those looking for a safe space just to be, and chat with others.

For those looking for friends and events in their local area or in places they might be travelling to.

For those looking for love or something more casual – it’s provided more choice than was ever imagined possible prior to the 2000’s, and without leaving the safety of your lounge room.

Pink Sofa Farewell

It’s sparked countless couples, marriages, babies, fur dogs and new friendships, and unfortunately a few broken hearts too. 

It became part of the cultural vernacular – are you on the sofa, meet you on the sofa, let’s jump on the sofa. 

It’s been an amazing journey, with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows: joy, laughter, tears, frustration, regret, friendship, love, and above all pride – that a watermelon coloured pink sofa could turn into a thriving worldwide online community and touch so many lives.

Pink Sofa

Neighbours in Southern Louisiana found each other on the sofa; 

a lone woman stationed in Antarctica kept her spirits up on the Pink Sofa; 

lesbian and queer women in India had a free and safe haven to meet; 

women in the north of England and beyond, and in cities all over Australia held regular meetups; 

and countless other stories of love, support and friendship. 

Pink Sofa

There were many sleepless nights trying to fix bugs or get it back online when it crashed, or both.

In 2001, there was the online payment gateway operator (also used by the Flight Centre) who ran off to Russia taking everyone’s details (he went to prison);

the hosting company, who sold the Pink Sofa server to a company in Perth, so we desperately tried to locate the truck driver travelling across the Nullarbor and find someone in Perth to transfer the website files across the air so it would work again;

the dodgy web developer cowboys;

the security attacks;

the threats from irate husbands and gay bashers;

the pink sofa survived it all!

It could go on for another 23 years because we still need to meet each other in safe online spaces which aren’t just a swipe to the right or left, but places of warmth, offering support and friendship, community and love. 

Liz James

Thank you to all those who believed in Pink Sofa and embraced it and supported me as I endeavoured to create this comfortable, friendly, online space. 

Thanks to my parents who were always there for the good and the bad. 

Thanks to all those who worked on it over the years and made their mark on it. 

A special thanks to Trace, Pink Sofa Trace who kept it going when I couldn’t and who devoted so much of herself and her life to just being there for others. 

A huge thank you to all the Pink Sofa members over the years who breathed life into it and wouldn’t let it die, but kept joining and coming back until today. 

Thank you to my gorgeous son, my own pink sofa baby born at the height of our popularity in 2012, you loved wearing the bright pink sofa stickers and talking about the Pink Sofa from the moment you could. 

And the biggest thank you of all to the Pink Sofa!

Pink Sofa Liz 

To get in touch with Pink Sofa please send an email

Farewell messages from members

We ‘chatted’ almost every day.
I lived in Yorkshire, Ann on the Wirral,
Over the hills, and far away.
Our first ‘face-to-face’ was in Skipton,
Ten a.m. the seventh of May,
Twelve hours later, we each left for home
Over the hills, and far away.
A few months later, we holidayed up north,
Among the Frasers, and the Gordon’s gay!
We drove for miles, past lochs, through glens,
And over the hills, and far away.

We spent a day on the Hogwarts Express,
Though the weather was misty and grey,
But it cleared near the coast, so all could see
Over the hills and far away.
We decided we should live together,
Our love was here to stay.
So, at Christmas, I packed, and brought my life
Over the hills and far away.
We were a couple, then, in all we did,
In work, and rest, and play,
And that included our caravan trips,
Over the hills and far away.
And so at night or in the early dawn,
In each others arms we’d lay,
And talk of when one of us would come and go
Over the hills and far away.

We’d hoped we’d grow old together, my love and I,
And when our memories went astray,
We’d take each others hand, and go wandering,
Over the hills and far away.
Now Ann’s gone ahead, her essence is free,
Free to find the way,
To roam in peace, no worries, no fears,
Over the hills and far away.
My love for her, it fills my being,
In my heart it will always stay,
Until we’re together again, someday,
Over the hills and far away.

Poem written by Andmummakes3 about meeting Ann, the love of her life, on Pink Sofa (Ann has since passed)

Notty just let me know the Sofa was closing, and despite expecting this news for some time now, I’ve been sat here with tears strolling down my eyes as I’ve read everyone’s messages.

Like so very many of us, the Sofa has been a lifeline for me at times. It gave me fun, laughter, and connection whilst living remote in Central Australia, and it helped me keep my sanity (just) whilst caring for my parents over the past 5 years.

I’ve shared stories, banter, and fairly intimate discussions on here with many great women, on and off, since 2014, and I’m grateful to all of you for the richness you brought to my life. I’ve also had the privilege of sharing some beautiful and meaningful connections with those I’ve got to know off the site. I’ve learned so much about others’ experiences, but also about myself. TY all you joiners, lurkers, Webbies. Cheers Pink Sofa xxx

Thanks for years of great connections PS. What an end of an era. I feel sad this website will be no longer. Thank you.

Aww Webbie you have been amazing thank you.
So sad to say good bye xx

I first joined Pink Sofa in maybe 2016, it’s the end of an era and such a sudden end. Thank you to Sofa owners and webbies for all you have done over the years.

And to everyone I have interacted with, it has been so much fun and was a lifeline.

I reluctantly joined sofa abt 2 yrs ago, 1st time on a dating site. A huge stepping out of my comfort zones. But I quickly found the comforting zones of mostly deep belly laughter in the maze of ChitChat forum full of brilliant stand up comedians!..

It’s the end of an era but new beginnings start every day. Just one last post before chit chat disappears and the Pink Sofa is no more. You’ve all made it a magical experience and made me smile lots. Love to you all, peace and happiness forever xxx

Last night on the PS… I’m just so pleased that I have meet so many awesome people here, like Venues, RH, B1 & B2, Boy, Gidget and R (beginning of real 1st name can’t remember username). I’ll never forget how B1 called me the days after my Dad died…

A little message to say thank you to everyone who made pink sofa possible 🙂 I’m not sure where I would be today without pink sofa… I’m wishing you all happiness for the future journey 🙂 Xox Love golden

Sending a hug to you all everyone has fond memories of the pink sofa and the friendships we made.

Tracy, Liz and all the Webbies… Thankyou… Members turned into my friends and besties, May we reach to the Rainbows… Wonderful…. laughs… The final curtain.calls… Good luck and good Love, Live and Laugh…. xox Venus202

Thank you one and all for the interaction, information, laughs and great times. I’m sure we have all seen the ups and downs over the years but one thing we all stand strong.

Pink Sofa
I’m gonna miss ya

Wow, years ago a friend of a friend was making a web site out of south Australia for lesbians. Who knew that it would become the sofa. Like many of us I’ve been on and off it, like a real sofa! Vale Pink Sofa and thank you.

Cheers Tracy You’ve done a great job managing the site and I know it has been a source of comfort and support to many as well as a dating site. I never did land myself a t-shirt!!!

Really need a lesbian safe site to meet people and PS is the safest…

Distraught hearing this news… Fucking bad luck breaking up withy girlfriend and wanting to join again. Loved pink sofa 🙁

Dear Pink Sofa Team, So sorry to hear you are closing.. so few Lesbian spaces..and it seems impossible to create new ones! Best wishes Sharon

Aww…sad day. A unique site. Found love and firmed some great friendships. Was fun while it lasted. Thanks guys X

Webbies, are you all going to join us on EX PATS…. be nice too meet you all cause you have kept us safe for so long

Webbies, how are you feeling? Hope you’re all okay? Thanks for everything 🙂

Caught up with someone yesterday that I meet here about 10 years ago. It had been about 7 or 8 years between drinks… but it was like a day hadn’t passed since we last caught up…. this is what is so good about this place 🙂

Thanks for having me on your amazing site

Thank you for all your hard work over the years providing a safe place for women to connect.

Thank you Webby and admins for all the support also for your hard work. This site has been a lifeline for many over the past years. Thank you so much.

I’m sorry to hear that Pink Sofa is closing its doors after such a long time servicing the community and providing a safe place for many.

I was very sorry to hear about the closure of the website. I think its been a great site for a long time and no other dating and meeting site matches it so thank you for all the good years. But times change and I know that many gay and lesbian sites have sadly disappeared in recent years.

Sad to hear you are closing down after all these years.

I’m so sorry you do an amazing job especially Tracy, so kind.
With Meetup and groups they just don’t bother to be friends
On pink I’ve made in the past, girlfriends, friends. Good luck to you all. all the best sweethearts.

A big thank you to PS! ! I’ve met and dated several women and truly discovered myself after many years of repression. I’m so grateful for the experiences. That includes quite a bit of travel including Australia!
I wouldn’t have missed a minute! xx

I was very sorry to hear about the closure of the website. I think its been a great site for a long time and no other dating and meeting site matches it so thank you for all the good years.

Really sorry to see you go. 😔

Sorry you’ve had to close. I’ve actually met my perfect woman through you!

Thank you so sad to see an end of an era, all the very best. With Gratitude.

Thanks for the years you’ve given the community.

I’m sorry to hear that Pink Sofa is closing its doors after such a long time servicing the community and providing a safe place for many.

Thanks for the years you’ve given the community.

Hello Tracey, Webbies,

I’m so sad to hear the Sofa is closing down. I’m so grateful for the lifeline it’s given me at times, and for the humour, love, and inclusion.

Best wishes for all you have planned in the years ahead. Wishing you an abundance of love, joy, beauty and good health.

Thank you so much.

With gratitude,

I’ve met some amazing friends on here, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ok I’m single and looking for love and don’t care who knows it! If Pink Sofas doing down, then so am I!

I would like to wish the team behind the Pink Sofa the best of luck. They must have their reasons for closing the site but I wish them well for the future and whatever their next adventure is. To the members – stay safe and live life to the full.

Thank you to all the lovely ladies on chit chat who have kept me entertained and laughing in the last couple of years. ‘Hello’one of the first people to welcome me and offer reassurance, as it was my first time on a site, you’re one in a million. Mum, my fellow red, a beautiful soul. Towpath, Candid, Louey, Ganges, Thatch, KRB, Venus, Notty, and everyone I’ve failed to mention, it’s been a honour to have ‘known’ you all. Last but by no means least, Swith70, haircuts and (3 word) Fridays will never be the same again! Webbies……. I salute you!! Over and out. Xxx