About Pink Sofa from the Founder Liz James


Welcome to Pink Sofa


We have worked hard to create the world's best online destination for you to connect with each other, for love, friendship and community. It's a really unique mix of internet dating, social networking and online community features. All within an inviting and comfortable online space created specifically for our community in all it's diversity. We hope you enjoy it.



The idea


I came out over twenty years ago. That started a journey of self discovery and a realisation that it wasn't easy to meet other women and that we all probably felt the same. So the internet seemed like the perfect solution to help us connect with each other.

Since launching over 13 years ago, many thousands of lesbians have found love, made new friends and received support on Pink Sofa. I am very proud that Pink Sofa is one of the longest running lesbian businesses in the world today.



The name and logo


I often get asked how I came up with the name Pink Sofa. It really came down to what I wanted to create which was a comfortable, friendly space to sit and chat and meet each other. And that's what a sofa represents. The colour pink has always represented the gay community but I wanted it to be a more vibrant and contemporary pink, which is how the magenta pink came about. Designing a logo can take a lot of time but in the case of Pink Sofa the graphic designer got it the first time. I told her what I saw in my head, she drew it and that was it. It's a logo that has now become quite iconic in the lesbian community and recognised in many places around the world.




The tagline


I love our new tagline; love, friends and community. It represents exactly what Pink Sofa is all about. Feeling a sense of belonging within a community and experiencing intimacy and connection with friends and lovers provides for a sense of well being and a healthier, happier life. This is reinforced by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs where connection is considered a vital element for achieving contentment and happiness. Although technology is considered one of the reasons we are becoming more isolated, websites like Pink Sofa can also facilitate connection by creating opportunities for people to find each other. Dating sites only allow you to connect at one level whereas Pink Sofa recognises our needs to connect at multiple levels and for different reasons.


The home page has been designed to reflect love, friends and community within our lives around the world.


Thank you to all those who contributed photos including:


Jane Hunt – Manchester, UK.


Louise Glendon – Adelaide, Australia.


3rd & Twentieth Studios – Birmingham, Alabama.


Deb Cochrane – Denver, Colorado and Melbourne, Australia.



Our values


I talked to lesbians all over the world to find out what they wanted in a website and what resonated with them. What came out of that were ten words comfortable, friendly, private, contemporary, useful, safe, authentic, uniting, socially aware, and local. These words, within the framework of love, friends and community, guide the brand direction and the ongoing development and business of Pink Sofa.


Our purpose


To improve the lives of lesbians worldwide by helping them to connect with each other for love, friendship and community.







"Every failure is a step closer to success"

The redesign of Pink Sofa has been a huge job and there are many to thank for their efforts and support.

Sonal, Luis, Graeme, Maryann, Mike, John, Rob, James, Mark, Robertas, Judy, Stretch, Alex, Ben, Andy, Skye, Tim, Vern, Tracey, Jaye, Maz, Harry, Missy, Mum, Dad, Mahrianne, Aileen, Nic, Cheree, Anneka, Aren, Catherine, Naomi, Lynnie, Sam, Carmen, Lynly, Justine, Lani, Giedre, Tracy R. Shannon

And finally to Dan Krause who was the unsung hero in the background of Pink Sofa for six years, getting up in the middle of the night or going home from events, to deal with issues on the website and who throughout this project offered me support and advice. Dan tragically died in July 2013 after falling from his bicycle while training for a cancer charity ride. Thanks Dan always.