Supporting our community

Our approach


We believe in women supporting women to achieve a stronger, more connected community. If we can help each other; whether itís attending events, giving words of encouragement, volunteering to help out, donating to causes which affect us, supporting the people and organisations which support us, it all adds up little by little to create positive energy and a stronger community.


Gay Marriage


We support the rights of our community members to be equal members of society and have the choice to marry or not. We contribute financially to various organisations which are fighting to achieve marriage equality and provide sponsorship in the form of space on the Pink Sofa website so these organisations can create greater community awareness and participation.


Women's Health


All of our members are touched in some way by health issues whether it affects them personally or their friends or loved ones. We support research into ovarian cancer and breast cancer and provide website space for the promotion of various health related causes including a directory for lesbian friendly doctors and health professionals and housing for lesbian seniors.


Community Sponsorships


We have sponsored hundreds of community events around the world with advertising and promotion on the Pink Sofa website and continue to do so.