It's wonderful how many new friends you can meet from the Pink Sofa. Almost one big family :)

I just want to thank you all for your support here - means a lot to me! The Pink Sofa really is a great community xx

I have found a partner thanks to Pink Sofa. We have been together five years. All the friends we made on Pink Sofa are now part of our lives. I can't thank you all enough. Just hang in there ladies. It is possible to meet the love of your life at any age. I have done it.!!! My beautiful lady and I met four years ago and it feels like we were always waiting to meet each other. And we feel like we have been together all our lives even though ...

Pink sofa is really a blessing to me. Thank you for making me feel relaxed, comfortable and for me to be myself. Most of all it feels like home here and yes I'm going to say it my shyness certainly disappeared.

I have never said this before but I owe Pink Sofa a thank you. Thank you for letting me be the person who I want to be, each and everyone of you ladies have made me feel welcome and I feel part of a great community.

Thank you Pink Sofa. I found the love of my life right here and we both couldn't be happier. We are engaged and are planning a commitment ceremony towards the end of the year.

Best $ spent joining Pink sofa as I found someone awesome :-)

Hey Everyone, I didn't realise that all the angels in the world were on Pink Sofa. Loved every bit of support from everyone, you dried my tears. Thanks Xxx

Sharing the love. The women are amazing on here! So glad I joined up and have some amazing friends. Thank you for being a great community, worldwide. My journey is great with you! Thank you <3

Since joining back in January this year I have made a load of mates, attended 3 meets and I have had a ball. The girls on Pink Sofa are amazing as are the webbies, I love you all. I've also met my partner and were going strong, and that's down to the wonderful Sofa. I have so much fun on here. Thanks and lots of love xx

Well, I honestly never thought I'd say this but thank you Pink Sofa. I have made a few friends from here but I'm pretty sure I've met the woman of my dreams! Amazing!

Thanks so much, I have found someone who has become very important to me in a short time. Wishing everyone good luck in their search and hoping they are as happy as I am now.