I just want to say thank you. I've loved sofa and have made such good friends and more. I will continue to sing Sofa's praises ;)

I found an amazing woman on your site in February and we are making a life together. I can’t thank Pink Sofa enough.

It's taken me so long to find a site with lesbians who are supportive and funny and so well ran. Big fan!

We met on the Pink Sofa and finally, after 3 wonderful years together, this past Sunday we were married surrounded by loved ones. Thank you Pink Sofa. Happiness Level 10.

Never ever thought in a million years I would meet someone online. I did! I Have! And in May - We Do. All thanks to Pink Sofa.

I just feel the need to say that I am so lucky to have made such great friends on here. Ladies,you are so gorgeous and you are stuck with me! You helped me a lot when I needed you. I can only say: Thank you a lot!

I joined your site and within 3 days had a message from my now partner. After 2 months of messages and phone calls we finally met and the moment I saw her I felt it..she was the one. And she still is.

Due to your exquisite site I have meet someone!

Thank you for such a safe place. I am so impressed with how well run your site is.

She is amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you, I truly think I've meet the one!

When my relationship ended I felt alone and shattered. I joined Pink Sofa for a distraction and never dreamed those amazingly supportive women would be my saviours. These women laughed my tears away and they were always there when I needed a should to cry on. Three weeks ago I met some in person and have never laughed so much or felt so supported in my life. Thank you Pink Sofa.

A year ago today, out of the blue you sent me an inbox complimenting me on my person and I walked around on cloud 9 for the day thinking wow, someone understands what I'm about. Two months later, you came across the world to see me for three weeks, a month after that you moved your life to be with my family. After 6 months we became engaged, and today, a year to the day we first were in contact, you are doing me the honour of becoming my wife ...