Hi Pink!! After so many horrible soulless sites your site is refreshing and has the best and real members. Nice work!!xx

Thanks for helping me find my gorgeous partner. I will recommend your website to all gay ladies and lesbians to find their are other half on Pink Sofa. Thanks so much!

I have to let you know that I love the Pink Sofa and the support and camaraderie!

Four years ago I joined Pink Sofa, met some lovely women, and got to know one particular lady very well. This coming Friday, we get married. Woo hoo!. So glad there are good sites like Pink Sofa that help people connect safely.

I love the people on the Pink Sofa. You girls are the best. Everyone tries their best. I have been through some tough times and you girls give me hope and make me laugh every day.

I adore this site and how supportive it is. I love women loving women. It's nice to be here.

Just like say thank you to the sofa. Without you I would not have met a bunch of friends, a couple of past romantic interests and my current wife to be. Thank you and it may take time but the Pink Sofa can connect you to amazing people.

I met, as it turns out my wife, through Pink Sofa. It started in July 2015 with a simple smile and we got engaged 12 February 2016 and are getting married on 12 May 2017. I can't thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It's wonderful how many new friends you can meet from the Pink Sofa. Almost one big family :)

I just want to thank you all for your support here - means a lot to me! The Pink Sofa really is a great community xx

I have found a partner thanks to Pink Sofa. We have been together five years. All the friends we made on Pink Sofa are now part of our lives. I can't thank you all enough. Just hang in there ladies. It is possible to meet the love of your life at any age. I have done it.!!! My beautiful lady and I met four years ago and it feels like we were always waiting to meet each other. And we feel like we have been together all our lives even though ...

Pink sofa is really a blessing to me. Thank you for making me feel relaxed, comfortable and for me to be myself. Most of all it feels like home here and yes I'm going to say it my shyness certainly disappeared.