Since joining back in January this year I have made a load of mates, attended 3 meets and I have had a ball. The girls on Pink Sofa are amazing as are the webbies, I love you all. I've also met my partner and were going strong, and that's down to the wonderful Sofa. I have so much fun on here. Thanks and lots of love xx

Well, I honestly never thought I'd say this but thank you Pink Sofa. I have made a few friends from here but I'm pretty sure I've met the woman of my dreams! Amazing!

Thanks so much, I have found someone who has become very important to me in a short time. Wishing everyone good luck in their search and hoping they are as happy as I am now.

I have had the best experience on your site, more than I did on others so that's positive. I am fortunate to have met a person within the trial period. I am autistic so socialising is particularly challenging for me and one person is all I can manage right now. Thank you though because I would never have met this person if it wasn't for you. I will certainly recommend you.

In the time I've been on Pink Sofa I've gone from a newly out lesbian suffering severe depression and anxiety to someone who can handle their life. It's been one hell of a learning curve and this site has provided me with so much emotional support and everyone here contributes to everyone else's experience and you never know just how much of a difference you are making to someone's life just by being yourselves and welcoming others. I've gone from being scared to capable and I want to take this opportunity to thank the founders of Pink ...

I want to thank Pink sofa for helping me fall in love with a beautiful woman. Crazy how I found someone on here that lives an hour away from me in Southern California. I couldn't have found her without Pink Sofa.

Thank you Pink Sofa, I found her. You provide an excellent service.

Pink Sofa is the best site by far. I have a date already! Puts other sites to shame. Well done girls!

I had been beginning to wonder if there was anyone out there for me and if there was, was I likely to find them on an internet dating site. The answer to this I was sure was no. That was until I met an amazing woman and I found right here on the Pink Sofa.

Just want to say thanks to Pink Sofa I have met the woman I hope to spend the rest of my life with.

A friend of mine met her soul mate in the same place I met mine. Right here on the Pink Sofa. Don't give up girls just keep interacting and you may be next.

As my partner and I head towards our third year together I just thought I would let you know that we met on your site - Pink Sofa. Both 50 plus - it's been a really lovely development at a later stage in our lives. Thank you!!