A friend of mine met her soul mate in the same place I met mine. Right here on the Pink Sofa. Don't give up girls just keep interacting and you may be next.

As my partner and I head towards our third year together I just thought I would let you know that we met on your site - Pink Sofa. Both 50 plus - it's been a really lovely development at a later stage in our lives. Thank you!!

I married her! We met here on the Pink Sofa in February 2015 and she is the love of my life and I couldn't be happier! Thank you Pink Sofa!xxxx

Now I have found Pink Sofa I am never going back to those other sites. The women here are the best fun!!

Thanks to Pink Sofa I have found the most amazing princess ever. The feelings we share for one another are awesome. I adore and love her so much. Thank you Pink Sofa.

I'm a relative sofa newbie (just 5 months here.) I continue to be sore laughing and love the reflections, support and friendships I have gained. Respect ladies. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

What makes this site so much better than any other - it's so well managed. Admin team members do a fantastic job.

So relieved to have found a site where I fit in. Thank you xx

I have found a right person for me. Thank you Pink Sofa guides!

I signed up here not looking for anything and I ended up finding a really good friend. I'm very greatful to have found a real, genuine and caring person like she is.

Thanks to the sofa we're very much in love over 4yrs. We keep telling people that it is possible to find your sweetheart Pink Sofa.

I got engaged last month and plan to marry my wife next year and all thanks to a smile right here on the Pink Sofa. Thank you. My life is now complete.