I signed up here not looking for anything and I ended up finding a really good friend. I'm very greatful to have found a real, genuine and caring person like she is.

Thanks to the sofa we're very much in love over 4yrs. We keep telling people that it is possible to find your sweetheart Pink Sofa.

I got engaged last month and plan to marry my wife next year and all thanks to a smile right here on the Pink Sofa. Thank you. My life is now complete.

I'm a loyal member logging on nearly everyday. I have been doing this for approximately 8yrs or so now and found the woman of my dreams here 4yrs ago and still very happy and in love. Once again thank you very much xx

The sofa has been good to me. I've made good friends, shared stories with other single mums, affirmed myself as totally gay and been opinionated. I've dated and now I've met a beautiful girl that I'm really in love with. Thank you! All in six months :)

Just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for all the lovely interactions, posts and beautiful friendships. So lovely to be part of a beautiful community of wonderful loving women.

truly a wonderfully decent website and I congratulate all the people who so thoughtfully created it.

I honestly thank God everyday that I have met my girlfriend and soon to be wife on Pink Sofa . I always say she's the missing puzzle piece to my life! Pink Sofa from both of us - thank you so much!

I found this dating site to be one of the best. Not just because someone messaged me and we're getting on very nicely, but I have found some genuine people on here too. Pink Sofa is not just about meeting the love of your life; there's other aspects to the site, like chatting and hearing/reading people's experience of coming out. Thank you Pink Sofa!

I have found love via Pink Sofa. Thanks so much!!

Pink Sofa makes me feel like I belong to a community that cares. Thank you.

I will always be grateful to Pink Sofa for the start it gave me after I returned from England from Australia when I knew no-one.