Just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for all the lovely interactions, posts and beautiful friendships. So lovely to be part of a beautiful community of wonderful loving women.

truly a wonderfully decent website and I congratulate all the people who so thoughtfully created it.

I honestly thank God everyday that I have met my girlfriend and soon to be wife on Pink Sofa . I always say she's the missing puzzle piece to my life! Pink Sofa from both of us - thank you so much!

I found this dating site to be one of the best. Not just because someone messaged me and we're getting on very nicely, but I have found some genuine people on here too. Pink Sofa is not just about meeting the love of your life; there's other aspects to the site, like chatting and hearing/reading people's experience of coming out. Thank you Pink Sofa!

I have found love via Pink Sofa. Thanks so much!!

Pink Sofa makes me feel like I belong to a community that cares. Thank you.

I will always be grateful to Pink Sofa for the start it gave me after I returned from England from Australia when I knew no-one.

Thanks Pink Sofa, I finally found her!!!!

I love the community atmosphere on here and I have met great people in person. Love the site.

The last couple of months have been a revelation. Bowled over by the banter, warmth and support on Pink Sofa. Wishing you all an awesome 2016.

Thank you so much for creating this website. I hope this awesome/magical place will continue to blossom. I found my girlfriend through this very site. Thanks Pink Sofa for enabling this life changing journey.

Why have I spent the last 12 years on this site? *Simples*, there are some amazing, caring women here. I hit rock bottom, and countless women rallied round. I have gone from a no-hope situation to one of anticipation. Thank you, you wonderful women for caring enough about someone you have never met...and making one hell of a different in my life. This site isn't just a dating site, it is a place of sanctuary for some, a place of discovery for others, and a ...