Thanks Pink Sofa, I finally found her!!!!

I love the community atmosphere on here and I have met great people in person. Love the site.

The last couple of months have been a revelation. Bowled over by the banter, warmth and support on Pink Sofa. Wishing you all an awesome 2016.

Thank you so much for creating this website. I hope this awesome/magical place will continue to blossom. I found my girlfriend through this very site. Thanks Pink Sofa for enabling this life changing journey.

Why have I spent the last 12 years on this site? *Simples*, there are some amazing, caring women here. I hit rock bottom, and countless women rallied round. I have gone from a no-hope situation to one of anticipation. Thank you, you wonderful women for caring enough about someone you have never met...and making one hell of a different in my life. This site isn't just a dating site, it is a place of sanctuary for some, a place of discovery for others, and a ...

Hi lovelies, I'd like to share this with you all.I have been a premium member since April this year. In these last 7 mths I have made some wonderful friends in particular 3 friends whom without their daily love, advice and support I would not be here on Sofa today. You three are the friends I have been yearning for for years. With you lovelies by my side I have become a stronger and more confident woman, learning more about myself every day. Each one of you have helped me in ...

Friendliest and funniest bunch of women you could ever hope to meet.

Thank you Pinksofa, I've met the girl of my dreams right here!

I had the best fun at a Pink Sofa social event, thanks for bringing new friends into my life Pink Sofa xx

I've tried many lesbian groups and for one reason or another they haven't tickled my fancy, only been on here two days and have met some really lovely people. A great group!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Pink Sofa. I found her!!!

I've been a member on Pink Sofa over the years and would like it to be known to others - never give up hope of finding your ideal match, because I certainly didn't expect this to happen at my age, but it has and I'm very thankful for your site making this possible. Long may you continue to hear success stories like mine!